Development of Teaching Material for Statistics

Begining: 2018

Coordination: Sergio Miranda Freire

Abstract: This project aims at developing teaching materials, using computational resources, to help to teach statistics to health sciences students and professionals. Applications that facilitate the teaching of statistical concepts are being developed and incorporated into textbooks, and all this material is available in the Moodle virtual learning environment for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Rio de Janeiro State University.


To date, a set of approximately 25 applications, which illustrate several basic statistical concepts, have been developed through the Shiny environment package for R data analysis.

These applications are available at

Alternatively, the user can download the applications’ source code and run them on their own computer, using the R Studio software .

To run the applications on your machine, proceed as follows:

1) Unzip the file (;

2) Install R Studio;

3) Install the shiny package;

4) To run one of Shiny’s applications, enter the corresponding folder, double click on the file app.R. This will open the file in R Studio;

5) Click the R App Run button;

6) Eventually it will be necessary to install some packages required by the application, which are specified in the beginning of the application.


E-Book: Bioestatística básica (Function used to compare paired data prorpotions)

E-Book: Introdução ao R, RStudio e R Commander (file used in this E-book)

FREIRE, S. M. Using Shiny to illustrate the probability density concept. Teaching Statistics, 41(1):30–35, 2019, This application source code is available here.